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Press Inquiries
We’re always happy to contribute to stories about Alaska authors and the Alaska literary scene. Email us above.
Author Readings & Speaking Engagements

Many of our authors are available for speaking engagements and readings. We recommend contacting individual authors through their websites (available in our Bookshop by searching Author–Name). If you’re having trouble connecting or if you’re looking for multi-author events, please email us above. We’re happy to facilitate.

Workshops & Conferences
Several of our authors are seasoned and sought-after writing workshop/conference presenters. If your organization is interested in booking an author, we can help match your event to the best-fit author(s). Please email us above.
Travel Professionals

Alaska visitors are a significant portion of our readers. As as result, we have expertise in the art of travel reading. We offer several unique visitor-reading experiences. Email us above to explore how we can help you connect your clients more closely to their Alaska travel adventures.


Alaska Sampler Submissions


 Alaska Sampler 2015 Call for Submissions

—————–* Now Closed *—————-

The Alaska Sampler is an annual e-anthology of prose by Alaska’s finest contemporary authors, featuring fresh fiction and non-fiction by Alaskan authors that reveal the unscripted, authentic Alaska. Works may be original or already published, whole or excerpted. Cover illustrations and photos are also considered. It’s free to the reader. For the author, it’s a proven discovery tool for increasing readership. Running Fox Books typically offers an open call for submissions in November, but the project is on hiatus for 2016. To receive Sampler submission updates, please sign up for the Alaska Book Insider.

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What is the Alaska Sampler?

A free ebook anthology of prose by Alaska’s finest contemporary authors. To learn more, download a free copy of the previous edition, Alaska Sampler 2014. Running Fox Books is the publisher. David Marusek and Deb Vanasse are co-editors.

What's in it for writers?

Cross-readership and visibility. Because the Sampler is offered for free, it consistently ranks high in search results for Alaska books, making it an effective and ongoing means of promotion for contributing authors. As a discovery tool, it enables contributing authors to reach new readers outside their usual genres. As a sampler, it allows authors with upcoming new works on Alaska to offer a preview chapter or excerpt to their readers.

Is there a print version?

No. But unique to this ebook is a partnership with brick-and-mortar bookshops throughout Alaska. Each Sampler selection will include a link to annotated bookstore listings, aiming to get beyond the either-or thinking about books that are downloaded and books that readers hold in their hands.

What kind of submissions are you looking for?

NOTE: The Alaska Sampler is on hiatus for 2016. To take readers beyond the media hype, we’re looking for fresh, original fiction and nonfiction that reveals the unscripted, everyday Alaska that we cherish. Provided the author has the digital rights, submissions may be reprints of previously published work. The best way to discover what sort of work makes the cut is to check out the Alaska Sampler —because, you know, it’s free wherever vendors allow. Works up to 10,000 words will be considered. Complete works are encouraged, but chapters or excerpts of longer works are also welcome.

What about photography and artwork?

We’re also seeking cover images, both photos and artwork. We’re interested in images that show Alaska in new and unusual ways to use on our cover. You must have the digital rights to images you submit, or they must be in the public domain or under Creative Commons copyright (attribution, commercial, adaptation). Images should be in RGB jpg format and at least 1563 x 2500 pixels in size (1:1.6 ratio).

How can I promote my work if it is accepted for the Alaska Sampler?

Ebook vendors no longer allow the embedding of “buy” links within ebooks, but we encourage authors to embed links to their websites in their bios.

What formats should I use for submissions?

Email us in the form above with any questions. To send a submission, email us at runningfoxbooks (at) gmail.com. Attach your submission as a Word doc and images as a jpg. Include in your cover email a one-paragraph bio with link to your website and a statement affirming that you own the digital rights to your submission. Submissions must be received by Jan. 10, 2015.

Author Affiliates

We’re always happy to talk to authors interested in joining the curating co-op. Email runningfoxbooks(at)gmail.com for an information packet.

How Are Running Fox Authors Chosen?

We have several criteria and a member-panel process for bringing you unique and often undiscovered Alaska voices.

What kind of books do you look for?

We seek out books that are finely crafted yet accessible to our devoted readers. We’re looking for themes that resonate and provoke us to think, dream, and question. Our nonfiction books often follow the road less traveled. Above all, we love great writing and a unique author’s voice.

What kind of authors do you look for?

We look for authors and works with strong Alaska ties. But that doesn’t mean every author lives full-time in Alaska, nor does it mean that every book is set solely in Alaska. Authors’ interests range, stories range. And we range with them. However, every book and author in the curated Running Fox collection knows the Alaska landscape and the hearts of those who call this place home..

How do you find authors and books?

We’re always eager to connect with authors who’d like to belong to the co-op. Each applicant is reviewed by all of us in a thoughtful process that results in the best selection of books for our readers, a process that distinguishes Running Fox from other literary entities. We seek affiliate authors who are able to connect with readers in unique and exclusive ways. If you’re an Alaska-inspired author who’d like to find out more, please contact us at info (at) runningfoxbooks.com.