Alaska Tracks: Footprints in the Big Country from Ambler to Attu


Imagine following your bliss into a place that intrigues you, learning its geography by sleeping on its lumps and drinking from its rivers and creeks. Ned Rozell lives that experience. Here, he shares it with you.



Rozell has written more than 80 adventure and natural history columns for Alaska Magazine and is a science writer for the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He has also written more than 700 weekly newspaper columns.



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Author Ned Rozell underwater


Rozell has spent most of his life in Alaska. He came for the space. It’s still here.

Author Ned Rozell

The Confessional

We asked & our authors answered…

Ned has been known to:  choose sports radio over NPR

Things he likes:  Warm snow, the smell of his yoga mat.

He’ll never get caught: outside Alaska in March or September.

A favorite/line expression and where it’s from: “Have a good time all the time”–guitarist Nigel Tufnel, This is Spinal Tap

Alaskans he most admires: Bob Baker, Jay Hammond, Kenji Yoshikawa

Favorite Alaska places: upper Yukon River, Rohn, between Wiseman and Atigun Pass


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Author Ned Rozell

Inveterate wanderer Ned Rozell is the author of books that connect readers with uniquely Alaskan landscapes and adventures.

Rozell is also a science writer for University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute.

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