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Yurek Rutz, Yurek Rutz, Yurek Rutz


“…an outright funny story of a quest for immortality through a catchy jingle and a hole in the Alaskan permafrost. It’s also a tale of the quirky inhabitants of the author’s home in Fairbanks.” ~Denver Post



“…haunting yet compelling (and strangely logical) tale of Alzheimer’s, cryonic storage and the protecting of Yurek Rutz’s immortal soul. Having finished the tale of Yurek Rutz I was left in awe of how well everything fitted together and I found myself hoping that it all turned out well for Yurek Rutz. Once you finish the tale you’ll understand why I’ve mentioned Yurek Rutz’ name more than once, you may even end up slipping it into conversation yourself. ~Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review



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David Marusek wheeling books into snow cave

Marusek moved to Alaska in the 1970s with the view of establishing himself somewhere likely to be spared the nuclear Armageddon that he was sure was imminent. Somewhere he could live a self-reliant subsistence lifestyle. Three decades later, he lives in Fairbanks, just up the road from the missile silos of the neocons’ Star Wars initiative. In other words, at ground zero.

Some have theorized this has more than a little to do with the subject matters and characters he offers up on the page.

a young David Marusek

The Confessional

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Well Marusek hasn’t yet. Soon, he says. In the meantime, we discovered how he likes his readers from an old interview:

intelligent, curious, capable and willing to entertain absurd notions of reality, optimistic, not too prissy, not on anabolic steroids, loves wordplay, appreciates ironic humor.


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This title is stand-alone short story. MORE COMING SOON

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