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Finding Mars


An interwoven tale of science, travel, and adventure, science writer Ned Rozell accompanies permafrost researcher—and inveterate wanderer—Kenji Yoshikawa on a 750-mile trek by snowmobile through the Alaska wilderness.


“The story of an incredible wanderer and adventurer written with beautifully descriptive prose that draws the reader in immediately…. Rozell does an admirable job relating the odyssey of a man who has seen more of this planet than most.” ~Anchorage Press

“As much a tale of individual inspiration as it is about science and a snowmobile trek through the Alaskan wilderness, this is an engaging narrative of science, travel, and adventure—with an intertwined biography.” ~Book News



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Author Ned Rozell underwater


Rozell has spent most of his life in Alaska. He came for the space. It’s still here.

Author Ned Rozell

The Confessional

We asked & our authors answered…

Ned has been known to:  choose sports radio over NPR

Things Ned likes:  Warm snow, the smell of my yoga mat.

Ned will never get caught: outside Alaska in March or September.

A favorite/line expression and where it’s from: “Have a good time all the time”–guitarist Nigel Tufnel, This is Spinal Tap

Alaskans Ned Most Admires: Bob Baker, Jay Hammond, Kenji Yoshikawa

Favorite Alaska places: upper Yukon River, Rohn, between Wiseman and Atigun Pass


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Author Ned Rozell

A man of journeys, Ned is the author of books that connect readers with his unique understanding of the landscape and nature.

Along the journey covered in Finding Mars, Rozell learns about permafrost researcher and fellow wanderer Kenji Yoshikawa’s fascinating life, from his boyhood in Tokyo to the youthful wanderlust that led him to push a wheeled cart across the Sahara, ski to the South Pole, and take a sailboat into the frozen reaches of the Arctic Ocean, spending a winter frozen in the ice near Barrow. An always on-the-move account of a man driven not just by the desire to fill in the blank spots on a map, but also to learn everything he can about them—and a ringing testament to the power of science, enthusiasm, and individual inspiration.

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