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First appearing in Playboy magazine, this short story features Walt Baffen, an Oxford-trained archaeologist, who’s spending his first winter alone in a remote Alaskan log cabin. All goes well until the temperature drops to minus 40 and he receives a visit by an odd neighbor with a “bone to pick.” What happens next goes way beyond chilling. Not since Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” has a short story made a roaring fire seem so inviting.



“Marusek’s writing is ferociously smart, simultaneously horrific and funny, as he forces readers to stretch their imaginations and sympathies.” ~Publisher’s Weekly

“Marusek, who hitchhiked his way to Alaska from Santa Barbara in the 1970’s and now lives on the outskirts of Fairbanks, may have a relatively modest body of work (just 10 short stories in print over the span of 13 years), but each of these pieces has so far proven to be as concentrated and potent as a dwarf star.” ~New York Times Book Review

“Marusek has almost no equal in his ability to create a huge cast of prickly, sticky human characters who interact with utterly casual reality.” ~Rick Kleffel



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David Marusek wheeling books into snow cave

Marusek moved to Alaska in the 1970s with the view of establishing himself somewhere likely to be spared the nuclear Armageddon that he was sure was imminent. Somewhere he could live a self-reliant subsistence lifestyle. Three decades later, he lives in Fairbanks, just up the road from the missile silos of the neocons’ Star Wars initiative. In other words, at ground zero.

Some have theorized this has more than a little to do with the subject matters and characters he offers up on the page.

a young David Marusek

The Confessional

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Well Marusek hasn’t yet. Soon, he says. In the meantime, we discovered how he likes his readers from an old interview:

intelligent, curious, capable and willing to entertain absurd notions of reality, optimistic, not too prissy, not on anabolic steroids, loves wordplay, appreciates ironic humor


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Author David Marusek

Marusek was a graphics guru, designing and instructing at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He began writing seriously in 1986. His third published story, “We Were Out of Our Minds with Joy,” garnered attention, and his 1999 his novella The Wedding Album won the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award and was nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novella.  His first novel, Counting Heads, was the subject of Dave Itzkoff’s debut Across the Universe column in the New York Times. Marusek lives and writes from his “Cabin in the Woods” outside Fairbanks.

Prescient, fascinating,  brutal, and  funny, the story plunges into human disparities, a dark, cold Alaskan winter, and the heat of revenge.


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